Dual control systems

Safe and innovative


Irrespective whether a driving school car, a security van or an emergency services vehicle is concerned: safety is always the most important reason for installing dual controls. The dual control provides the action required to be taken in cases of dangerous emergencies or unexpected manoeuvres. If you consider to install a dual control system, you should take a look at the innovative, reusable and safe Peheja® system.

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World leader


Due to universality and quality of the system we have grown into an international company and became the world market leader in developing, manufacturing and applying universal cable dual control systems.

Top Quality
Peheja® dual controls are designed and produced entirely in the Netherlands. The system has been tested and approved by TÜV Automotive. All Peheja® products are completely developed and produced in the company’s own workshop where only top-quality materials are used.



The Peheja system

The concept of the Peheja® system is as simple as it is clever.
The system is based on cables and can be installed in all types of vehicles. One of the strengths of The Peheja® dual control is that it causes a minimum of damage to the vehicle. For example no damage to the ventilation ducts or air conditioning. This is a benefit if you would like to re-sell your car.

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